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Dr Linda Goldberg is a Neurologist from Toms River, New Jersey, who writes on her blog that the claims that the nations where many a people are involved in some sort of data interpretation in their lives are less likely to go through the Alzheimer’s disease is a completely false one and she claims to have witnessed it first hand. She claims that such a people are as vulnerable to the Alzheimer’s as people belonging to any other legal business.

Dr Linda Goldberg claims to have never taken over 6 weeks to cure a neck related issue.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that the increasing use of mobile phones, especially the smart ones, has been causing permanent damages, most of which are unknown and unprecedented.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that what makes one person feel dizzy, does the right the opposite for the other. She adds that perhaps it has something to do with the Kapha, Pitta, etc of Hinduism/Ayurveda.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that she is all for the claims which prove that memorizing things unnecessarily have no positive effects on the memory of a person. She is against the claims of the prominent Neuroscientist – V Ramachandran, that the upcoming generations are going to suffer with weak long-term and short-term memory problems just because their previous generations and they themselves don’t have to memorize things. Dr Linda further adds that memorizing things just for the sake of it, is plain stupid and people should rather spend their precious time doing something which is ‘really’ productive.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that although she warns against drinking coffee, tea and other stimulants personally, the people who take such things have always been a pleasure to meet with, both professionally and personally. Dr Linda was told about the online gambling through a chronic coffee and energy drinks drinker and since then, she has made tons of money with online gambling, especially with Deposito Pulsa XL, thanks to her command in the Indonesian language.

Dr Linda Goldberg writes on her blog that musco-skeletal disorders are far more common in the sexually indulgent or abstinent people in the later years but they are quite low among the sexually moderate people.

Dr Linda Goldberg writes on her blog that regular Turkey eaters are less likely to have chronic depression than anyone else.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that the fat and obese patients are more complicated to cure for the brain diseases than their fit counterparts and that’s one reason why your regular brain doctor emphasizes so much on losing weight.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that she finds her less-educated patients to be more patient, having faith in their doctors and less argumentative than their college educated counterparts.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that the people belonging to happier nations according to different surveys and reports don’t seem to be as happy when it comes to the neurological disorders.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that the cervical foraminal stenosis is more common among the computer engineers than men or women belonging to any other profession.

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