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Arnold Schwarzenegger body and Crypto Casino Millions, that’s what this Nephrologist from London is after

Dr Victor Manhave from London, England, is a Nephrologist, who practised for 4 years in the USA. He writes on his blog that there is perhaps no other state like Delaware, USA, where the rate of Nephropathic Cystinosis is so high.

Dr Victor started bodybuilding after learning that his wife finds Arnold Schwarzenegger so attractive. He also started Bitcoin Gambling after reading Crypto Casino Reviews.

Dr Victor claims to have been working on to create a vaccine for the bourbon virus for months and although he is yet to have any success in his efforts, he claims that he is still as enthusiast as he was when he was planning to initially work on it.

Dr Victor has been campaigning against the Diabetes drug Byetta for over a decade now. He agrees with the doctors who claim that it has been responsible for tens of thousands if not more cases of renal failure till date.

Dr Victor writes that Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome is most common among the working people of Bosnia than any other people in the world and it is a pity that the Bosnian government or their medical practitioners aren’t much concerned about it.

Dr Victor writes that Urinary Tract Obstruction is more commonly found among the Stonemasons and Decorate Brick Workers compared to any other professionals.

Dr Victor claims that Urogenital Fistuda is more common among the electricians than any other field workers.

Dr Victor also claims that carpenters have more cases of nephrotoxicity compared to the men and women involved in any other work.

Dr Victor believes that babies born to working mothers are more likely to have Hyperbilirubinemia and Jaundice than the babies born to non-working mothers.

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