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Exeter Nephrologist can’t figure out how the Horse Race Betting sites can make so many Fortunes

Dr William Shea from Exeter, England, is a Nephrologist, who writes on his blog that the government employees across the globe are highly prone to getting diseases of water metabolism for the reasons unknown. He adds that it is a pity that they aren’t trying to investigate the real causes behind it.

Dr William also writes that the disorders of sodium balance are most common among Bengali people belonging to India and Bangladesh. He adds that it perhaps has most likely to do with their fish based diets but still isn’t certain about that.

Dr William claims that adult men and women who live by the rivers are least likely to have disorders of potassium metabolism ever in their lives and this is something that he didn’t know until a decade after he started his practice as a Nephrologist.

Dr William Shea writes that it is indeed surprising to him how non-vegetarians and carnivores generally have less magnesium and calcium in their kidneys compared to their vegan counterparts while theoretically, the opposite should be true. He adds that it is just like how those who regularly bet on horse racing betting sites are generally richer than the ones who lead a successful career and never ever made a bet while theoritically the opposite should be true.

Dr William Shea claims that acute renal failure has nothing to do with what kind of a weather one lives in. He writes it is a pity that some anonymous people on the internet have been trying to spread misinformation regarding the same and it is even a bigger pity that they have been able to mislead a lot of people with their false claims.