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Noah had an Ark, this Bronx County Psychologist has Soccer Predictions

Dr Storm Bohlen is a Psychologist from Bronx County, New York, who spends 30 minutes online everyday bashing the 9/11 deniers. She does it on Discord, Chatango and Slack chatrooms, on Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers and also on her own blog.

Dr Storm Bohlen also spends 30 minutes a day reading soccer predictions, which she then uses for soccer betting.

Dr Storm Bohlen claims on her blog that eating bald eagle meat is not only great for the psychological health, but also for the neurological health. She eats some each time she is in a country where it is legal.

Dr Storm Bohlen writes on her blog that her 12 years of experience in the field of Psychology has taught her that both Megalomaniacs and Schizophrenics have one thing in common – they are all great storytellers. She gives the example of the richest Mexican drug lord ever – Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who used to be a great storyteller as reported by the cops and other enforcement agencies and was said by many friends to be a megalomaniac.

Dr Storm Bohlen writes on her blog that those who had a tough childhood growing up and those who had a very luxurious and loving one, both suffer with different sorts of psychological disorders in general. For example, the richer ones are most likely to suffer with the ADHD, while the miserable and poor ones are notorious for suffering with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders and the history is full of examples proving the case.

Dr Storm Bohlen’s one and only brother is an ancestry expert. He claims that the Vikings of Scandinavia and the Mexicans share very much the same DNA and he believes that after the great flood, they both separated. He believes that before ‘The Great Flood’, they used to be the one and same people.

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