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Saudi Newspapermen Don’t Want You To Know The Italian Online Casino’s Success Stories So That You Don’t Become Richer Than The Saudi Royal Family Members

America makes a carrier fleet? China raises your Dongfeng.

China makes a Dongfeng? America scrambles their targeting system.

America scrambles China’s targeting systems?

China builds a bunch of islands and puts an army on each.

America scrambles China’s targeting systems? China builds a bunch of islands and puts an army on each.

China builds a bunch of islands and puts an army on each? America designs a brand new class and fleet of warships to fight islands.

America makes a super stealth missile destroyer? America realizes their new ship is already outdated.

Gerard Lupi

Gerard Lupi from Bologna, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes the Saudi Newspapers need to stop picking up and publishing online rumours. He wonders why they never publish the Italian Casino Online Sicuri success stories on their newspapers. He comments perhaps they don’t want the people to become rich.

Gerard writes that countermeasures of every sort will not be as successful as all the stories make them out to be in the case of a real war between Israel and an Arab nation, especially the Saudi Arabia, since everyone makes everything with the sole purpose of countering everyone else’s things.

Singapore wants to buy many of the Israeli weapons. India wants to buy each one of those. How many defence purchases has India made for the deal to fall right through? Be it the Dassault Rafale, the ATGM Spikes, the Pakfa, the New 5th Generation Fighter Program, the Mirage 4000 Deal, I could go on.

Gerard Lupi

Gerard writes America has shot itself in the foot with the F-35 programme. He writes the project was split up among different nations, he adds that Turkey has rights over parts of the avionics, since what has transpired over the past few month. He claims Turkey is not sending them what they need, he gives example of the F-22’s being damaged in Florida during the Hurricane.

Gerard writes if one follows the United States Air Force News closely, they will find that USAF literally falls out of the sky every few weeks somewhere in the world. He adds F-35 are already notorious all across the globe for falling off the sky.

Gerard predicts Hamas is still going to fire rockets over Israel even if Israel complies. He says at this point, it is just mutually assured destruction between Palestine and Israel, which is far from being a war.

Gerard writes Avigdor Lieberman was the most ruthless Minister of Defense he has ever seen. He comments his successor Yulia Malinovsky will have to be reincarnated to be 10% as ruthless as Avigdor.

Hollywood told me that all the Navy Seals were brave warriors who fought for freedom and never hurt innocents. It is so much media glorifying the Navy Seals.

Gerard Lupi

Gerard writes there are Jewish Converts that are either extremists or Mossad. He wonders why it was the Jews who first opposed the Zionism. He writes he is against the Zionism but that doesn’t mean he is against the Jewish people or Judaism.

Neurologist Making Rafiq Hariri Money With Indonesian Gambling Websites

Dr Linda Goldberg is a Neurologist from Toms River, New Jersey, who writes on her blog that the claims that the nations where many a people are involved in some sort of data interpretation in their lives are less likely to go through the Alzheimer’s disease is a completely false one and she claims to have witnessed it first hand. She claims that such a people are as vulnerable to the Alzheimer’s as people belonging to any other legal business.

Dr Linda Goldberg claims to have never taken over 6 weeks to cure a neck related issue.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that the increasing use of mobile phones, especially the smart ones, has been causing permanent damages, most of which are unknown and unprecedented.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that what makes one person feel dizzy, does the right the opposite for the other. She adds that perhaps it has something to do with the Kapha, Pitta, etc of Hinduism/Ayurveda.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that she is all for the claims which prove that memorizing things unnecessarily have no positive effects on the memory of a person. She is against the claims of the prominent Neuroscientist – V Ramachandran, that the upcoming generations are going to suffer with weak long-term and short-term memory problems just because their previous generations and they themselves don’t have to memorize things. Dr Linda further adds that memorizing things just for the sake of it, is plain stupid and people should rather spend their precious time doing something which is ‘really’ productive.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that although she warns against drinking coffee, tea and other stimulants personally, the people who take such things have always been a pleasure to meet with, both professionally and personally. Dr Linda was told about the online gambling through a chronic coffee and energy drinks drinker and since then, she has made tons of money with online gambling, especially with Deposito Pulsa XL, thanks to her command in the Indonesian language.

Dr Linda Goldberg writes on her blog that musco-skeletal disorders are far more common in the sexually indulgent or abstinent people in the later years but they are quite low among the sexually moderate people.

Dr Linda Goldberg writes on her blog that regular Turkey eaters are less likely to have chronic depression than anyone else.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that the fat and obese patients are more complicated to cure for the brain diseases than their fit counterparts and that’s one reason why your regular brain doctor emphasizes so much on losing weight.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that she finds her less-educated patients to be more patient, having faith in their doctors and less argumentative than their college educated counterparts.

Dr Linda writes on her blog that the people belonging to happier nations according to different surveys and reports don’t seem to be as happy when it comes to the neurological disorders.

Dr Linda claims on her blog that the cervical foraminal stenosis is more common among the computer engineers than men or women belonging to any other profession.

Arnold Schwarzenegger body and Crypto Casino Millions, that’s what this Nephrologist from London is after

Dr Victor Manhave from London, England, is a Nephrologist, who practised for 4 years in the USA. He writes on his blog that there is perhaps no other state like Delaware, USA, where the rate of Nephropathic Cystinosis is so high.

Dr Victor started bodybuilding after learning that his wife finds Arnold Schwarzenegger so attractive. He also started Bitcoin Gambling after reading Crypto Casino Reviews.

Dr Victor claims to have been working on to create a vaccine for the bourbon virus for months and although he is yet to have any success in his efforts, he claims that he is still as enthusiast as he was when he was planning to initially work on it.

Dr Victor has been campaigning against the Diabetes drug Byetta for over a decade now. He agrees with the doctors who claim that it has been responsible for tens of thousands if not more cases of renal failure till date.

Dr Victor writes that Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome is most common among the working people of Bosnia than any other people in the world and it is a pity that the Bosnian government or their medical practitioners aren’t much concerned about it.

Dr Victor writes that Urinary Tract Obstruction is more commonly found among the Stonemasons and Decorate Brick Workers compared to any other professionals.

Dr Victor claims that Urogenital Fistuda is more common among the electricians than any other field workers.

Dr Victor also claims that carpenters have more cases of nephrotoxicity compared to the men and women involved in any other work.

Dr Victor believes that babies born to working mothers are more likely to have Hyperbilirubinemia and Jaundice than the babies born to non-working mothers.

Exeter Nephrologist can’t figure out how the Horse Race Betting sites can make so many Fortunes

Dr William Shea from Exeter, England, is a Nephrologist, who writes on his blog that the government employees across the globe are highly prone to getting diseases of water metabolism for the reasons unknown. He adds that it is a pity that they aren’t trying to investigate the real causes behind it.

Dr William also writes that the disorders of sodium balance are most common among Bengali people belonging to India and Bangladesh. He adds that it perhaps has most likely to do with their fish based diets but still isn’t certain about that.

Dr William claims that adult men and women who live by the rivers are least likely to have disorders of potassium metabolism ever in their lives and this is something that he didn’t know until a decade after he started his practice as a Nephrologist.

Dr William Shea writes that it is indeed surprising to him how non-vegetarians and carnivores generally have less magnesium and calcium in their kidneys compared to their vegan counterparts while theoretically, the opposite should be true. He adds that it is just like how those who regularly bet on horse racing betting sites are generally richer than the ones who lead a successful career and never ever made a bet while theoritically the opposite should be true.

Dr William Shea claims that acute renal failure has nothing to do with what kind of a weather one lives in. He writes it is a pity that some anonymous people on the internet have been trying to spread misinformation regarding the same and it is even a bigger pity that they have been able to mislead a lot of people with their false claims.

Internet Marketing Expert cannot thank the founders of Fun888 enough for making him a millionaire

Alexander Ohm from Hua Hin, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes that uploading product demo, self-help and other related videos is not only a good strategy if done on your website but also on Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

Alexander Ohm advises on his blog that when making company tour videos, make sure that you display your company building, impressive equipments, state-of-the-art facilities and beautiful location, but it ought to not look or feel like you are trying to show off. He writes that you can avoid this mistake by trying to brag as less as possible. He adds that it is a huge problem with the Real Estate businesses that they brag a lot about themselves – their struggles and the size of their company, when making such videos and even talking personally to their clients.

Alexander Ohm writes that posting the videos of customer or employee interviews or testimonials is definitely helpful when it comes to the SEO of your website, increasing trust among the employees and prospects, increasing conversions and recruiting more personnel, but is an outdated way which is needed to be replaced with something better and more advanced ASAP.

Alexander believes that internet is the greatest and most advanced technology ever. He believes that if it weren’t for the internet, he would never have become a millionaire. Yes, Alexander is a millionaire and he didn’t make these millions with his Internet Marketing, Website Designing or SEO business but rather by multiplying his wealth with fun888 online betting.

Alexander jokes that if it weren’t for the internet and only personal computers, we would still be be listening the screeches of tires on Powerpoint and call it entertainment.

Noah had an Ark, this Bronx County Psychologist has Soccer Predictions

Dr Storm Bohlen is a Psychologist from Bronx County, New York, who spends 30 minutes online everyday bashing the 9/11 deniers. She does it on Discord, Chatango and Slack chatrooms, on Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers and also on her own blog.

Dr Storm Bohlen also spends 30 minutes a day reading soccer predictions, which she then uses for soccer betting.

Dr Storm Bohlen claims on her blog that eating bald eagle meat is not only great for the psychological health, but also for the neurological health. She eats some each time she is in a country where it is legal.

Dr Storm Bohlen writes on her blog that her 12 years of experience in the field of Psychology has taught her that both Megalomaniacs and Schizophrenics have one thing in common – they are all great storytellers. She gives the example of the richest Mexican drug lord ever – Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who used to be a great storyteller as reported by the cops and other enforcement agencies and was said by many friends to be a megalomaniac.

Dr Storm Bohlen writes on her blog that those who had a tough childhood growing up and those who had a very luxurious and loving one, both suffer with different sorts of psychological disorders in general. For example, the richer ones are most likely to suffer with the ADHD, while the miserable and poor ones are notorious for suffering with schizophrenia and bipolar disorders and the history is full of examples proving the case.

Dr Storm Bohlen’s one and only brother is an ancestry expert. He claims that the Vikings of Scandinavia and the Mexicans share very much the same DNA and he believes that after the great flood, they both separated. He believes that before ‘The Great Flood’, they used to be the one and same people.

Restaurateur from Bangkok City bets on Sbobet Slots all winters at his Thailand’s first fully-heated Multicuisine Restaurant

Todd Pacino owns and runs a Multicuisine Restaurant in Bangkok City, Thailand, which is very popular with the top government officials of not only the city, but the areas around.

Todd Pacino brags that he never lets anyone other than himself to write a post on the official blog of his restaurant.

Todd Pacino writes on his blog that the Indian lassi was never so popular at multicuisine restaurants before and he sees nothing but great future for the Indian food. He suspects that the sales of Indian food may surpass the sales of Thai food soon enough in Thailand.

Todd Pacino writes that while the Indian food from almost all of India has been gaining popularity in Thailand, mainly the one from North India, the Indian food from the province of West Bengal has been losing popularity. Todd adds that the Bengali food is mainly seafood and seafood in general has been losing popularity, not only in Thailand, but across the globe.

Todd Pacino brags that his restaurant is more popular with the patriotic people like top army men along with being popular with other top government officials.

Todd Pacino’s restaurant was one of the first fully-heated restaurants in Thailand and he has been enjoying every bit of it in the winters by betting on sbobet slot at his restaurant all winters.

Todd Pacino writes on his blog that it is a pity that the word ‘Mogul’ has been losing its significance when the Mughlai food has been gaining popularity across the globe. Todd believes that it has to do a lot with Anti-Islamic views that have been gaining popularity a lot, lately.